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What is house sitting, exactly? Free vs Paid

The concept is simple. A home owner plans to vacate their residence for a while – anything from a few days to twelve months and everything in between.


They search a house sitting website to find a house sitter or two to keep things running smoothly on the home front and provide home security while away. Under the trust-based value exchange arrangement of house sitting no money changes hands. House sitters do not get paid to ‘sit’, nor does a home owner get paid to have their house ‘sat’.

Sitters exchange their time, care and know-how for interesting places to stay and unique experiences.

Home owners and renters leave home with peace of mind knowing their home and property are being maintained, and their pets and animals cared for. 85% of house sits involve one or more pets. With a sitter (or two) in residence, pets remain happy at home in their familiar environment, with their regular routine maintained. A win-win-win arrangement in anyone’s language. 😉

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What do house sitters do?
The house sitting jobs required of a live-in house sitter vary enormously.

To care for a cat and water a few plants in an inner city apartment, is less work than minding a property with six dogs, four cats, five goats, ten hens, a pool and large lawn in the country.

House sitting jobs are often negotiated. If a home owner is keen to secure a particular house sitter, they may be prepared to make arrangements for a task or two to be done by someone other than the sitter.

By way of example, as a single sitter I did not want to use the ride-on mower to maintain the sprawling lawns on an isolated property. Because the home owner’s priority was care for their ageing dog and security for their home, they were happy to pay a contractor to do that job.

In all cases, the objective is for the arrangement to be a win-win-win for the home owner, their house sitter/s, and the pets in residence.

What type of people house sit?
There is no ‘type’. House sitters come from all walks of life. They often come in pairs but are sometimes alone, and range in age from young to old(er). In general, when it comes to securing a gig, age and experience trump youth and beauty. And while not all home owners are open to little people, lots of families are happy for another family to live in their home in their absence. Meet some house sitters, here.

Who are Professional House Sitters?
People who charge for house and pet sitting services are often referred to a “Professional House Sitters”.

However, this term is not as common as it once was, because these days it’s generally acknowledged that people who ‘sit’ for free are no less professional than house sitters who charge home owners a fee.

The Hawaii Bio – company has several verified “house caretakers” who permanently reside in Hawaii and have a professional reputation. These are former military and police officers. Who you can trust with the safety of your home. If you have any questions? Write us an email: we will respond as quickly as possible.

Why do people ‘sit’ for FREE?
There are many reasons why people house and pet sit for free, and in every case the underlying reason is to save money by “earning” free accommodation.


The two most popular reasons why increasing numbers of people are turning to the value exchange arrangement of house sitting are:-

To “earn” free holiday accommodation – in their own country, or on the other side of the world. Whether a short break, long holiday, weekend escape or family holiday, by side-stepping the expense of holiday accommodation, the travel budget goes much further.
“Earn” free rent in your home town or city. More and more house sitters ‘sit’ to dodge paying rent. Not only do house sitters not pay rent, they also avoid the cost of utilities, digital subscriptions and WiFi. In major cities and popular tourist destinations where housing costs are high, house sitters are able to save tens of thousands of dollars a year. A growing segment of this market are Millennials, who ‘sit’ to save a home deposit.

Other reasons why people sit for free include:-

Digital nomads ‘sit’ to have a place to call home for a while.
In cities such as Oahu, Los Angeles, London, Auckland, Sydney, Toronto and New York where housing costs are high and overcrowding common, people look for houses to sit to have their own space for a while.
Many travelling house sitters have housesitting down to a fine art and travel the world, one house sit at a time.
People on road trips seek houses to sit and pets to pamper as a break from the rigours of the road.
Newcomers to a city or region look for houses to ‘sit’ so they can live in different areas before deciding where to settle.
Notwithstanding the fact that more and more people turn to house sitting to save money, it’s a fact that the majority of house sitters have a genuine love of animals.

Why house sitting isn’t entirely free
A condition of all house sitting jobs is to provide live-in home security for house and property and care for the pets in residence.

Does it cost to join a house sitting website?
Hawaii Bio – Country-specific-house-sitting-website.

House sitters pay to join and connect with home owners.

The annual fee for house sitters to join a global site Hawaii.bio range from $50 for and $279 for “Hawaii Bio Trusted House Sitters”.

For people who want to travel the Hawaii Islands one house sit at a time, a global house sitting website Hawaii.bio might be the best choice. For people who choose to sit in a specific country and Hawaii state, a country dedicated site that lists lots of opportunities in that country, is better value than a global site that offers house sitting jobs in all corners of the world.

Most country dedicated house sitting websites allow home owners to register and connect for FREE.

Both parties Save Money.
One of the main reasons why people participate in the free model of house and pet sitting is because both parties save money, often lots of it!

By engaging house sitters, home owners avoid expensive pet boarding fees or the cost for someone to visit each day to feed, and perhaps walk, the pets in residence.

Not only is thereHouse-and-pet-sitting no need to pay a dog walker (or the lawn mower man, or the pool guy, as the case may be), with sitters in residence home owners and renters have peace of mind knowing they have live-in home security while away. Priceless!

On the other side of the house sitting fence are house and pet sitters. In exchange for doing agreed tasks, as well as “earning” free accommodation, sitters sidestep the expense of utilities, internet and streaming services. And as house sitters have use of a kitchen they can prepare meals at home, avoiding the expense of eating out.

Even if only a short sit over a long weekend, both parties save money. Consider the savings in the case of long sits!

House and pet sitting is booming world-wide
Never before, in the history of the world of house sitting, has the demand for house sitters been so high.

World-wide home owners previously grounded by a pandemic, are packing up and leaving home in droves, either returning to the road or taking to the skies.

Because of the increase in pet ownership over recent years, many home owners are now the proud pawrents of what are affectionately called “pandemic pets”. Therefore, more people than previously need to find care for pets while away.

As a result, the number of house sitting assignments listed on house sitting websites is at an all time high, as people make plans to travel up to one year in advance.

Fortunately, on the other side of the house sitting fence is a larger pool of location independent people willing and able to provide free live-in care for home, property and pets. Many are mobile workers no longer confined to an office. Many more are young-at-heart retirees who have retired from work, but not from life.

Save money! Put your cheque book away – the service is free and the majority of our house sitters work for free too (they may also pay for their share of utility bills, depending on what arrangements you have made with them). Save a bundle on pet care fees while you’re at it prevent your home owner’s insurance premium from going through the roof.
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If you are a home owner in Hawaii and want to use our services, please email: contact@hawaii.bio
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Be sure to add your original ID (passport or driver license).

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